Year 3 Homework


New homework is issued every Wednesday and is due in the following Monday. Children receive:

Spelling Words

These are 7 words issued by your child’s class teacher on a sheet. Your child should have this sheet in their home folder on a Wednesday evening. They should complete 7 spelling sentences; one for each of the spelling words, to show understanding. The sentences should be completed in your child’s blue homework book please (not on the sheet). Children will then be tested on their spellings every Tuesday in class by the class teacher. 


This is online homework which is issued on a Wednesday by your child’s Maths set teacher. They should complete this online by logging into their own account. Please refer to the MyMaths letter for precise instructions, but just to clarify:

1. Visit or type ‘My Maths’ into Google.
2. Log into the initial portal (top right of the screen). Everyone’s login is:
♣ Username: pickhurst
♣ Password: square
3. Log into the next portal (top right) with your child’s own personal information. Most children have their unique username and password on a sticker in the front of their homework diary. If your child does not have this, please contact your child’s class teacher.
4. Children will find tasks to complete and possibly a message from the class teacher. Please make sure children submit their work once finished, otherwise we can’t see it.
Please note that MyMaths may not work on tablets and other handheld devices, as the settings are set to block pop-ups. You can download an app called ‘Puffin Academy’ to overcome this. If you do not have access to a computer/laptop, your child’s Maths teacher can print hard copies of the activity.

Bug Club

This is our online reading resource, which allows children to access a wealth of reading materials electronically. They can then complete comprehension-style activities online by clicking on the ‘bugs’ that appear. To access the Bug Club site at home:
1. Visit
2. Enter the same username and password that your child uses for MyMaths.
3. Enter the school code in the last box: xjqj
4. Click on ‘My Stuff’ to see the books that have been allocated to your child.
Children can work through the books at their own pace, but should aim to complete one book a week. There is no set deadline, but class teachers will log in regularly to check progress.

Class Dojo
Whilst teachers are unable to respond directly to individual messages, we will read them and respond as appropriate, either by email via the main office, or with a phone call. 



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