Newsletter W/C 10th February 2020

10 Feb 2020

Newsletter w/c 10th February 2020

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Dear Parents & Carers,

It was a pleasure to teach in Y6 this week; I taught 6ST and 6D a really enjoyable Science lesson on Tuesday. We looked at the different components of human blood, and their functions. The children were fascinated by the facts they learnt, and they enjoyed taking part in the quiz.

The really fun part was when the children then used their knowledge to make a model for human blood – they used 45% orange squash (plasma), 44% strawberry laces (red blood cells), 0.5% marshmallows (white blood cells) and 0.5% rice (platelets). Well done to everyone for their hard work!

I am also delighted to announce that Investors in People have awarded the three academy schools, and the Trust as a whole, their Gold Accreditation. 

This award follows a comprehensive Trust-wide survey of staff along with a series of follow-up interviews which were carried out by Investors in People before and after Christmas.  In their Report, Investors in People described the Trust as “a collaborative and inclusive place to work and learn, where everyone from staff to children can reach their full potential”.  They also reached the following encouraging conclusions:

  • Our values are clear
  • Everyone actively drives positive outcomes, taking ownership of their work
  • Leaders really care about people
  • Work is interesting and people feel involved and supported

Of particular note was that “100% of staff interviewed said they would recommend our Trust schools not only as a great place to come and work but also to send their children”  

Finally, according to Investors in People, “a well-deserved Gold has been achieved across all 3 schools and should be a cause for celebration”.

This is a tremendous achievement of which we are all extremely proud.

Please  note that some P.E sessions are being held outside. Can you bring non-branded green or grey tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirt for your child to wear during these sessions. Please ensure that your child’s name is in all of their be-longings.

Kind regards,

Mr Siggs



Newsletter w/c 10th February 2020

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