Parent Letters


All parents can keep up to date with what is going on at the school by following the links to the recent letters for parents and carers or opening the PDF:

Clubs Timetable Letter

Sponsored Read Letter

Sponsored Read – Reading Log

Sponsored Read – Sponsorship Form

Harvest Festival Donations

Y5 Inmarsat School Insights Day

Halloween Glow Disco


PTA AGM Invite

PTA AGM Agenda

Cross Country Year 5 & Year 6


Young Voices

Fundraising – Pickhurst Allotment & Farm

Parent Governor Election to Local Governing Board Letter

Local Governing Board – Governor Job Description & Job Specification

Senior Leadership Team Letter 

Library Volunteer

Consultation Letter – October Half Term

Term Dates 2020-2021

PE & Sports Provision – After School Sports Clubs

New Year 3 Information For Parents

Pickfest – Bouncy Castle Wristbands

Y6 Residential Trip Wales 2020

Football Krazee Holiday Club

PTA – Pickfest Letter

Y4 – Pickfest Costumes

Y6 Production – The Jungle Book Costumes

Y6 Production – The Jungle Book

PTA Under A Caribbean Sky Summer Fair – Tokens

PTA Under A Caribbean Sky Summer Fair – Bouncy Castle Wristbands

PTA Sports Day T-Shirts

Y5 Sex & Relationships Education (SRE) Letter

Y4 PGL Information Letter

Y4 PGL Presentation

Y4 PGL Residential Trip 2020 – Payment Update

5D Learning in the Forest

5P Learning in the Forest

Y4 PGL Residential Trip 2020

Summer Fair Donations Day

Summer Luau Disco Letter

Under a Caribbean Sky Summer Fair Stall Rotas

Y6 Leavers Book Photo Permission Letter

Y5 Ravens Wood School Taster Day

Y4 Swimming Letter

Y6 Leavers Disco

Pickhurst Promotional Video – Permission Slip

Y5 Class 5C & 5P Lullingstone Roman Villa Trip

Y5 Class 5D & 5DP Lullingstone Roman Villa Trip

Y6 Wales Presentation

Y6 Wales Medical Form

Y5 Class 5DP change of classroom

Choir Children – Songs

Y4 WBD – ToyBox

IT – Google Apps

Big Battery Hunt

Y5 Stationary Letter

Y6 School Hoodies

Valentines Glow Disco

e-Safety – ‘Be Internet Legends’

Y6 Revision Guides 2019

IPC Y3 National History Museum Trip 2019

Wales Trip 2019 Request for Helpers

IPC Entry Point Day – Time Tunnel

Christmas Jumper Day

PTA Christmas Carol Concert 

Christmas Lunch Menu 

Lego Club

Christmas Fair Token Letter

Father Christmas Letter

Parent Visit to Bromley Life Education Centre Mobile Classroom

Bromley Life Education Centre Mobile Classroom 

ARP consultation Nov18

Hampton Court Letter

Christmas Card Designs

Spanish Club Autumn 2 2018

Go2 Letter

RAW Tennis Halloween Camp 2018 Parentmail

Stand Up to Cancer

Y3 Panto 2018

Y4 Panto 2018

Y5 Panto 2018

Y6 Panto 2018


Lego Half Term Workshop

Football Krazee Y3 & 4 Aut (2)

Football Krazee Y5 & 6 Aut (2)

Football Krazee October Half Term Club

Cricket Krazee Y4, 5, 6 Aut (2)

Locker Padlocks Y6

Locker World Form

Locker World Entry Form

Open Morning – Flyer A5 (PMX)

Fireworks Letter 2018

Danceworx Halloween Workshop 2018

Harvest 2018

Happy Feet Day – Friday 28th September 2018

Y4 Google Apps Letter

IT Agreement Acceptable Use Y4

Secondary Transfer 2019 Quick Reference Guide

Y4 Tudor Day

Y6 Myths & Legends 12 Sep 2018

Google Apps for Education

Mission to Mars – 17th Sept 2018

Spanish Club Autumn 1 2018

Y3 Drop Off Arrangements

Secondary School Applications

Football Krazee Y3 & 4 Autumn 1 2018

Football Krazee Y5 & 6 Autumn 1 2018

Cricket Krazee Y4, 5, 6 – Autumn 1 2018

Pickhurst Tiny Artists Aut 1 2018

Pottery Club Aut 1 2018

Bees Athletics Club Aut 1 2018

Spanish Club Autumn 1 2018

Y6 Bikeability 2018

Tennis Camp Summer 2018

Esafety – Helping Your Child Stay Safe

Football Krazee Summer Course

Y6 Family Picnic 2018

Oboe Lessons

Tiny Artists Club Autumn 1 2018

Class Photograph Orders

Beauty and the Beast – Letter – Costumes, Grandparents Show & Arrival Times

Y6 Induction Day 3rd July 2018

Sponsored Read June 2018

Sports Day 2018

Y5 Living & Relationship Lessons & Puberty Talks 2018

Y6 Pickfest Outfits

Sports Days 17th & 18th July 2018

Y3 Pickfest

Music Concert – 24th March 2018

Beauty and the Beast Costume List

Beauty and the Beast – Ticket Letter

Stephaneez Summer School

Stephaneez After School Theatre Club – Autumn 2018

Donations Day – Friday 15th June 2018

Summer Disco – 15th June 2018

Y6 Leavers’ Disco 2018 – Ticket letter

Tennis Y3 2018

Y3 & 4 Football Krazee Summer 2 2018

Y5 & 6 Football Krazee Summer 2 2018

Cricket Krazee Y4, 5, 6 – Summer 2 2018

Spanish Club Summer 2 2018

Pottery Club Summer (2) 2018

Y5 Secondary Registration

Wales 2018 Photo Permission Letter

GDPR Letter to Parents & Carers (May 2018)

Tiny Artists Pickhurst Summer 2 2018

Football Krazee Half Term Course

Lego Half Term Workshop

Wales 2019 – First Letter

Y4 Swimming Letter 2018

Swimming Letter 2018 – 4H (Collection)

Y4 PGL Assembly – 25th May

Leavers’ Disco 2018 – First Letter

SATs Information 2018

Y6 Medical Marvels Letter

Medical Marvels Letter – Mon 18th June

Wales 2018 Kit List

Wales 2018 – Final Letter to Parents

Wales – Meetings for Parents

Wales – Meeting for Parents – Thu 26th April 2018

Y5 Ravens Wood Taster Day 25th June 2018

PGL Collection Arrangements

Y4 PGL Travel Details and Reminders Letter

Y4 PGL Final Reminder Letter & Kit List

PGL Code of Conduct Agreement

Wales Trip 2019 – Meeting for Y5 Parents & Carers

Wales 2019 Meetings

Activities 1st to 4th May 2018 (Y4)

SATs Breakfast Letter

Y3 Homework Club

Y3 London Zoo

Y3 & Y4 Football Krazee Summer 1 2018

Y5 & Y6 Football Krazee Summer 1 2018

Cricket Krazee Y4, 5, 6

Spanish Club Summer 1 2018

PGL Initial Meeting Letter 2019 (1)

Bees Athletics Summer 1 2018

Y6 Spelling Letter

Twitter Letter

Crofton Roman Villa Letter 5BU

Crofton Roman Villa Letter 5B

Easter Disco Time Change

PGL Kit List and Information

PGL Health & Welfare Form

Tiny Artists Club Summer 1 2018

PE Uniform

Lego Easter Workshop

Revision guide – second order letter

SATs Meeting 19th April 2018

First Call Procedure – Letter to Parents (Mar 2018)

St George’s Day

Bromley Police Message

Y3 Parents’ Evenings Rescheduled

Y4 Parents’ Evenings Rescheduled

4M Parents’ Evening Appointments – Weds 7th March

Cross Country Saturday 10th March

Easter Disco – Friday 23rd March

Valley Primary Incident 5th March

World Book Day – 9th March 2018 – Book Swap

Daffodil Bulb Growing Competition

Dinosaurs Footprints from the Past – Letter to Parents – Y3 – 28th March 2018

Joint Letter from Pickhurst Infant & Junior Academy re. Weather Conditions

Google Apps for Education 3C

Driveway (Feb 18)

Danceworx Flyer – Summer 2018

Stephaneez Theatre Club – Summer 2018

David Walliams Awful Auntie Production

Hampton Court – Y4 – March 2018

Hoodies – Y6 – 2018 – Letter & Order Form

Pickhurst E-safety Newsletter Feb18

Scootsure Training Year 3 – 8th March 2018

Roblox – Email to Parents

Revision Guides Y6 (Feb 18)a

Spanish Club Spring 2 2018

Pottery Club Spring 2 2018

World Book Day – 2nd March 2018

Cross Country – 10th March 2018

E-Safety Parent Sessions – 22nd February 2018

Football Krazee Y3 & 4

Football Krazee Y5 & 6

Cricket Krazee Y4, 5, 6

Tiny Artists Spring 2 2018

Old Dunstonians Rugby

Coding Club

Digital Explorers Club

Lego – Half Term Workshop

Let’s Get Cooking Club Letter

Wales – Urgent Notice re. Payments

Gifted & Talented Assemblies

Gifted and Talented Presentation Examples

Book Fair

Y6 Time Tunnel Trip, Splattermake Trip – Reminder

Choir Media Consent Letter

Choir – Media Consent Form

Y6 Swimming Ability Letter

BYMT Choir Festival – Feb 2018

Forest School 5DP

DABBGL Open Meeting 2018-01-31 v2 (1)

Spanish Club Spring 2018

Y6 Heights and Weights – Friday 12th January 2018

Pottery Club Spring 2018 – revised

Bromley Collegiate – Teaching Information Event

Friendship Day 18th January 2018 Competition

Tiny Artists Club Spring 2018

Y3 Survey & Questionnaire

Y4, 5, 6 Cricket Krazee

Y3 & 4 Football Krazee

Y5 & 6 Football Krazee

Christmas Party Y3 Letter 2017

Pottery Club Spring 2018 Pottery Club Spring 2018 Booking Form

Christmas Jumper Day – 15th Dec 2017

Forest School 5BU

Y6 Time Tunnel Trip

Y4 PGL 2018 – Medical Form

Wales – Medical Form

Form 4M – Letter

Form 3MR – Letter

Pickhurst Tiny Artists Club Spring 2018

Christmas Concerts 2017

Y5 Cycle Helmet Competition

Life Bus Topics

Y6 Reminders – Panto – Performances – Life Bus

Y4 Reminders – Panto – Performances – Life Bus

Y3 Events & Information

Christmas Event Songs

Raffle Tickets Letter 2017

Carol Concert 8th December 2017

Santa’s Grotto Letter 2017

Year 6 Road Safety Letter

Christmas Lunch Letter 2017

Life Bus December 2017

Stephaneez Theatre Club Spring 2018

Christmas Market 2017 Donations Letter

Cross Country Y5 & 6

Gardening Club

Cooking Club

Spanish Club Autumn (2) 2017

NSPCC Visit – Monday 6th November 2017

Ju-Jitsu Morning Club

Pottery Club Autumn (2) 2017

Forest School Clothing 5BU

Big Christmas Sing 2017

Christmas Tree Festival 2017


Important Messages from the Office

Art Displays

Forest School 5BU (Autumn 2 2017)

Cricket Krazee Y4, 5, 6

Y5/6 Parents’ Evening Booking Instructions

Y3/4 Parents’ Evening Booking Instructions

Times Tables Rockstars letter

Cross Country Saturday 11th November 2017

Football Krazee Y3 & 4 Autumn 2 2017

Football Krazee Y5 & 6 Autumn 2 2017

Football Krazee October Half Term Course

Wear Red Day – 20th October 2017

Christmas Cards 2017

GPS Glossary for Parents


Y3 Churchill Theatre Panto 2017

Y4 Churchill Theatre Panto 2017

Y5 Churchill Theatre Panto 2017

Y6 Churchill Theatre Panto 2017

Harvest Assemblies – October 2017

Happy Feet Day – Friday 13th October 2017

Curriculum Map Autumn 2017

Forest School 5B – AMENDED DATES

Y6 Science Workshop – 18th October 2017

Langley Girls Open Morning

Daffodil Competition Letter

Wales – Letter re. Payment Instalments & Volunteers

Y4 IPC Entry Point Forest School Sep 17

Homework Policy Letter

Science Week 2017

Jeans for Genes 2017

Y6 Wales Meeting – Thursday 14th September

Cricket Krazee Y4, 5, 6

Football Krazee Autumn 2017 Y5 & Y6

Football Krazee Autumn 2017 Y3 & Y4

Y6 Lockers & Padlocks

Y6 – Letter re. Y6 Procedures

Spanish Club Autumn 2017

Y5 Mission to Mars 2017

5DP – Letter to Parents Sep 2017

Y6 Wales Residential – June 2018

Staffing for 2017-18 – Letter to Parents

Staff Joiners & Leavers 2017

Y6 Leavers Disco – Final Letter 2017

Y6 Myths & Legends – 13th September 2017

Y6 Trip to Wales 2018

Parent Survey – Summer 2017

Football Krazee Holiday Course

Open Afternoon – July 2017

SATs Results 2017 – Letter to Parents

PGL Presentation

PGL Letter 1

Bikeability 2017

Y3 Rainforest Day Letter to Parents

Google Apps for Education – Letter to Y3 Parents

IT Agreement Acceptable Use Y3

Y6 Road Safety Letter

Y6 Road Safety Talk & Homework

PGL 2018 – Meeting for Y3 Parents

Y6 2018 Residential Trip

Aladdin Costume List June 2017

Y6 Induction Day 4th July 2017

Grenfell Tower Fundraiser – Own Clothes Day 23rd June

Leavers’ Picnic 2017

Aladdin – Split Roles

Y6 Road Safety Talk

Aladdin 2017 – Ticket Letter

Y6 Aladdin – Grandparents’ Show

Y5 Puberty Talks

Leavers Disco 2017 – Ticket letter


Pickfest – Friday 23rd June

Gardening Club

Stephaneez Theatre Production Club Autumn 2017

Letter to Parents – Recent Security Incidents

Free School Meals Application Form 2017-18

Free School Meals Notes

Spanish Club Summer 2 2017

Y5 Pyjama Day – 30th June 2017

4C Swimming – Minibus and Dismissal

Swimming Y4 – Reminder

Letter to Y5 re. Y6 2018 Trip

PGL & Forest School Assembly Y4

4C Swimming-Travel Letter

Cancellation of Y3 and Y5 School Trips

France 2017 – Travel Advice May 2017

Stephaneez Dance & Gym Club Summer 2017

Ravens Wood Year 5 Taster Day letter 2017

Form 5C – Letter to Parents

Tennis Lessons Y3 2017

Chessington Y5 2017 – Response Required Please

School Site

Bees Booking Form Summer 2017

Bees Athletics Summer 2017

Y4 Swimming 2017

France 2017 Final Letter

Zoo – Y3 2017

Football Krazee Half Term Course

Photograph Permission – Primary Writing Project

Forest School 3L

Spelling Bee

SATs Breakfast Club

Travel Details and Reminders Letter

Chessington Y5 2017

General Election 8th June Letter

Walk to School Week 15-19 May 2017

Letter to PGL Non Attendees

Spanish Club Summer 2017

Wickham Park Tennis Club Open Weekend

Y4 Homework (21 April 2017)

France 2017 – Letter – Passports – Kit List etc

Y3&4 Football Krazee Summer 1 2017

Y5&6 Football Krazee Summer 1 2017

Cricket Krazee Summer 1 2017

Bees Booking Form Summer 2017

Bees Athletics Summer 2017

Lower School Sponsored Spell (Easter 2017)

Upper School Sponsored Spell (Easter 2017)

Easter Sponsored Spelling Challenge 2017

3DS Forest School 2017

Y6 Hoodie Letter & Order Form

Spring Disco 2017

Y5 Greeks and Romans 2017

Y5 Homework Survey Letter

5HR – Mrs Coston

Financial Challenges

Form 5HR

Cross Country – Saturday 17th March 2017

Stephaneez Theatre Production Club Summer 2017

Y6 Leavers’ Disco 2017

Knights of the Reading Table

PGL Suggested Kit List

PGL Health & Welfare Form

Google Apps for Education


Newsletter w/c 13th July 2015 PDF

Peter Pan Letter and Tickets PDF

Newsletter w/c 6th July 2015 PDF

Newsletter w/c 22nd June 2015 PDF

PGL Residential Visit 2016 PDF

Art Club Summer Term 2 PDF

Spanish Club Summer Term 2 PDF

Football Krazee PDF

France Final Information and Kit List PDF

France Parent Meeting Presentation PDF


Permission Slips
The following PDFs contain the permission slips for all of the activities that we require permission from parents and carers. Please print the relevant slip and sign and date as required. Please ensure you send your permission slip to the school as soon as you can to ensure your child will be able to attend the activity.
Any permission slips that are not signed or not sent to us before the day of the activity will result in the child missing the activity for that day. Any children who do not have their permission slips will stay in the school with a teacher to do any homework they have and studying.

Peter Pan Tickets PDF

PGL Residential Visit 2016 PDF

 Art Club Summer Term 2 PDF

 Spanish Club Summer Term 2 PDF

 Football Krazee PDF

Summer party June 2015 PDF

London Zoo 11th June 2015 Year 3 – PDF

Foxton Sponsor Boards – PDFs

Year 6 Leavers Hoodie Order Form – PDF

Cricket – PDF

Sewing Club Booking Form – PDF

Quiz Night 17th April 2015 – PDF

Year 6 Junior Citizens Scheme – PDF

Spanish Club April to May 2015 – PDF

Summer Fair programme 11th July 2015 – PDF

Chessington Trip 19th May 2015 – PDF

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