School Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities

PALS (Pickhurst Active Learners)

At Pickhurst Academy, we believe it is important that our children have access to the School
Enrichment Programme. We know this opens up a wider range of opportunities to achieve
excellence beyond the classroom. We often find that children who take an active role in the
enrichment activities display higher levels of self-esteem, a heightened sense of belonging,
increased attendance and develop positive friendship groups. This can also help to improve the
children’s moral and social development, health and wellbeing and academic performance.
I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone that took part in the recent parent survey
regarding after-school clubs. We had an overwhelming response, with over 267 responses. This
was incredibly helpful as it has enabled us to facilitate clubs that your children want to attend.
Please find below a list of our new after-school clubs, led by members of Pickhurst staff and
Progressive Sports.

If your child is interested in any of the clubs, and you would like your child to attend, please
indicate on the grid below. You can, of course, sign your child up to as many clubs as you wish.

PALs Club List



With the explosion of dance in the recent years thanks to shows such as ‘Got to Dance’ & Britain’s Got Talent’, more children want to learn how to dance like the stars they see on television.

Dance-Worx’s classes are a fantastic way to learn and become creative, stay fit, gain confidence and most importantly have fun!! All of our classes are structure to teach children of all ages and abilities.

We run Tap, Drama and Gymnastics at Pickhurst Academy. For more information please contact the Dance-worx’s office or on 07538199678


Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese Martial Art with a history in excess of 600 years, developed by the Samurai Warriors. Ju-Jitsu is a self defence system incorporating punching, kicking, throws, locks, wrestling and weapons training (Kobudo). Adaptable and fluid, Ju-Jitsu has constantly evolved to meet the challenges of an ever changing environment.  At Heijoshin our aim is to provide every child with the opportunity to express themselves and grow. Developing practical, mental and social skills.

We run clubs at Pickhurst Academy on  Mondays and Tuesdays  at 3.30pm – 4.15pm.

07719 794142
01268 533688

Lego Club

The lunchtime Lego Club is an opportunity for children to get creative with Lego and have fun with their peers.

With optional weekly themes, which often follow seasonal events and school topics, the children’s imaginations help them to build some amazing creations!

For enquires, please text on : 07930 395309

Pottery Club

The after school pottery club runs every Thursday during term time from 3.30pm – 5pm by Mrs Caballero a parent of Pickhurst Junior Academy and a PGCE qualified teacher of Art and Design. Children have fun learning new techniques in hand building, sculpting and decorating clay.

Children work on individual and group pieces as well as work collaboratively to share ideas and experiences. Each half term they explore a different theme or special calendar event, which they use as inspiration for their pottery pieces.

The afterschool pottery club helps to enable children to make visual connections and unravel the possibilities in their work. Children engage with the malleable form of clay, using their natural ability to be creative.  They learn through a process of exploration and trial and error. The pottery classes teaches children that if something goes wrong, “don’t worry” just try again in a different way. Therefore children are provided opportunities to develop perseverance and their own creative style with confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.

If you have any enquiries or would like your child to attend the pottery club please email

Thank you.

Sharon Caballero

Sew Cool Sewing Club

“Sew Cool for Kids” is a hand sewing course for children aged 7-11 years old who have lots of determination and love designing and making fun, creative sewing projects.  These fabulous hand-crafted objects make wonderful gifts or can be kept and treasured by their creators!  The club is run by a qualified, skilled and experienced textile, print and fashion designer.

Children will be taught how to cut out pattern pieces and master simple hand sewing techniques.  Skills can be successfully built on each week and crafters have an opportunity to explore a wide range of quality fabrics and exciting haberdashery!  All equipment and materials are provided and a new project is set at the beginning of each half term.

Every child is advised to attend all lessons in order to maximise the outcome of their final project.

For enquires, please contact

Spanish Club

“Hola! Spanish After School  Clubs” have been running at Pickhurst Academy for the last six years, enhancing the learning of foreign languages at this fantastic school.  At the club children have fun and love learning Spanish through play, songs, books, movement and much more.  At the end of every half term, the children have a “fiesta” in which they taste and learn the names of Spanish snack foods and on the last session of term, you will be invited to come along and watch the children sing and chat in Spanish. As  a native Spanish speaker I help the children copy my accent and develop a clear and authentic pronunciation.  Being exposed to the Spanish language will give your child a real head start.  As they learn their first words and become familiar with a foreign language from an early age the club will provide them with a solid foundation for the more formal learning that takes place at secondary school.  As you may know, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world. Learning it from an early age will give you a familiarity with foreign languages which could be an advantage for them in the future.  Saludos y hasta la vista.

For enquires, please contact

Stephaneez School of Dance

Stage Production Class

Friday After School Club: 3.30-4.30pm

Come and try our fun, fantastic and exciting classes.  Every term we recreate a dancing and singing piece from different West End musicals.  So far we have enjoyed many different musicals such as Wicked, Hairspray, Annie, Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain.  At the end of every term we put on a little performance to the parents.

This summer term the children will have the opportunity to perform in all the local schools summer fete displays (including Pickhurst).  We have great fun – come and try it out – the more the merrier!

For enquires, please email

Gymnastics With Laurie

Gymnastics is great for improving flexibility, strength, balance and co-ordination. The children build confidence and learn new skills in a safe and welcoming environment using floor and vault equipment.

Gymnastics with Laurie is a fun and friendly after school gymnastics club aimed at beginners and improvers between years 3 and 6.

The club is run on Wednesdays until 4.20pm by qualified gymnastics coach and local mum, Laurie Carrington.

For enquires, please contact, 07830 003230

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