School Menus



Contract caterers provide a two course midday meal, which consists of a choice of hot and cold dishes.

Parents will be invoiced at the beginning of each term/half term for the amount due for school dinners.  Payment for school dinners is required during the first week of each half term.  Cheques should be made payable to “Pickhurst Academy”.

Alternatively, children may bring packed lunches, preferably in plastic, unbreakable containers.  Thermos flasks, glass bottles and fizzy drinks are not permitted.  Children will be encouraged to eat whatever is brought from home.

Parents/carers are requested to make the school office aware of any dietary requirements.  We will inform parents/carers of any eating problems that we observe.

Some children are entitled to free school meals.  Further information about how to apply for them can be obtained either from the school office or Pupil and Student Services at the London Borough of Bromley Civic Centre.

Should you have a change in circumstances or experience difficulties in paying for school dinners, it is imperative that you contact the finance assistant or school bursar at the school office, where you can discuss your situation in total confidence.

If a debt of more than 2 weeks’ dinner money is owed to the school, then your child will no longer be entitled to school dinners and you will be required to provide your child with a packed lunch or alternatively your child will be sent home during the school dinner hour for home dinners.

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